Check Out the New Attraction “The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!” at Universal Studios Hollywood

Mike is over at Universal Studios Hollywood exploring the reopened studio/theme park, and with rides back, we got our first look at the brand-new attraction, The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!

The area is incredibly well-themed with the attraction sign right out front of the building.

Once you enter, you’ll start off going through an apartment hallway with various screens showing characters from the movie. You can even peek through some door mail slot openings.

The story of the attraction has Guests becoming stray puppies that go through the streets of New York City looking for their forever home. On the way, you meet up with various characters from the film The Secret Life of Pets.

You’ll enter a room with the first of many animatronics in this queue line, this one featuring Buddy getting a massage in the kitchen.

You’ll then go upstairs into another apartment to be greeted by Norman the guinea pig in a vent.

As you continue to walk through the home, you’ll find animatronics of Max and Duke sitting on a couch. The movements are very well done for both characters.

You’ll then run into Snowball the rabbit, giving you the rundown of the mission at hand to get you adopted and find a forever home.

This leads to the loading area, with vehicles that are themed to look like various cardboard boxes.

The ride portion starts off in the streets of New York City where you’ll turn to a window and see yourself in the reflection as a puppy. As you make your way through the city streets, you’ll see characters from the movie franchise all over town.

Snowball, other characters, and Guests then find themselves in a fireworks facility with Snowball strapping himself to one as he flies across the room.

After escaping you find yourself at the pet store to get a makeover at the pet wash, leading to your adoption and a celebration with all your friends.

The attraction is incredibly well-themed and worth a trip to check out if you find yourself at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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