The Walt Disney Company has unveiled The Imagination Tree, a space imagined by The Walt Disney Company and built by Moose Toys, created for families confined to the hospital to enjoy a variety of experiences.

What’s Happening:

  • The Imagination Tree opened today, Friday, April 23 at Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne — a four-level space imagined by The Walt Disney Company and built by Moose Toys.
  • The space was created to help families dealing with serious illness to give both children and adults a place to explore and give a sense of relief.
  • Each level gives families something new to explore and experience.
  • The project has been in the works for the past seven years with the help of Disney Imagineers.

About The Imagination Tree:

  • At the center of the tree is “The Knot” inviting visitors to place their hand at the center to share their dreams, thoughts, and desires. It then gets carried up into the tree as a display of sound and stardust.

  • The base on level 2 lets children and parents enjoy activities like climbing hills, follow animal tracks, play floor games, and more.

  • Level 3 lets children create music with drums and other instruments.

  • Level 4 is a relaxing space letting families unwind where parents can relax with their children, lay on beanbags and watch the sky change from day to night.

What They’re Saying:

Kylie Watson-Wheeler, SVP and Managing Director The Walt Disney Company ANZ: “Disney is famous for storytelling, it’s at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to transport generations to a magical place where the everyday no longer exists, anything is possible and for a brief moment you’ve become a part of something bigger.

The Moose Imagination Tree was imagined by The Walt Disney Company and created by our Disney Imagineers over the last seven years. A truly global effort across our company bringing together a team that consisted of animators, musicians, talent artists, projection experts, creative directors, graphic designers and our best storytellers.

Disney worked alongside local Monash Health practitioners including play therapists and Paediatricians, allowing the creation and foundation of the tree to be grounded in research and best practice. We have a goal to deliver comfort and inspiration to families facing serious illness by re-imagining the patient journey in children’s hospitals. We couldn’t be more excited about this wonderful project!

A living, breathing interactive space, a place for people to come together to restore, connect and play. The tree that will forever shine under the brightest star. A star that embodies the heart of the Monash Children’s Hospital, which is why we are so proud to be collaborating and giving back to the community.”