Tamagotchi Announces R2-D2 Virtual Pet Game “On The Horizon”

Some Star Wars fans were filled with delight and others surprised when a special May 4th announcement came from Tamagotchi, revealing that a collaboration to bring a virtual R2-D2 pet to keychains everywhere was in the works.

What’s Happening:

  • Fans of a certain age will hear the word “Tamagotchi” and immediately get taken back to the late 90’s when the virtual pet boom was at its peak. Tamagotchis, VirtuaPets, Giga Pets, Nano Pets, all of those.
  • For younger fans, Tamagotchis are virtual pet raising simulators (in keychain form) where players use a small digital keychain to feed and take care of a virtual creature. At their core, Tamagotchi’s attributes were that of nurturing, communication, portability, and of course, gaming.
  • What fans might not realize is that Tamagotchi brand is still around and since the debut of the original in 1996, has created over 44 different virtual pet products, with the TamagotchiON and TamagotchiPix being among the most recent models, the latter of which features a camera and touch screen-esque buttons while still playing (a very much improved version of the original game)
  • Star Wars fans were surprised and delighted when over two decades after the height of their popularity, Tamagotchi announced some big news: “Stay Tuned…an out of this world Tamagotchi Experience is on the horizon! Tamagotchi has been putting a world of fun in your hands for over two decades, but an epic collaboration is coming that will take the experience to another universe. Are you ready?” with the headlining photo attached signifying an R2-D2 Tamagotchi is on its way.

  • In the announcement it was suggested to fans that they stay tuned to Tamagotchi on social media platforms for further details that will come.
  • No release date or any specifics regarding the product have been announced yet, only the partnership between the two.
  • Fans of virtual pets, and even Star Wars fans may recall that a previous collaboration between Tiger electronics and Star Wars led to a previous release of an R2-D2 virtual pet that can be found on sites like eBay.