This year will see the climactic end to one of the most critically acclaimed runs in recent history: Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s IMMORTAL HULK.

  • Closing out this thought-provoking, character redefining epic with IMMORTAL HULK #50, Ewing and Bennett will bid farewell to Bruce Banner, the Green Door, and all the unforgettable elements they’ve cemented into the Hulk mythos.
  • But there are plenty of surprises still in store and fans will want to pick up IMMORTAL HULK #49 where the build-up to the explosive final issue begins with a bang!
  • The gate is a thing of divine power – a thing of forever. But even for the strongest one there is, it bears the warning: ABANDON HOPE, ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE.
  • Check out Alex Ross’ mesmerizing cover below and don’t dare miss IMMORTAL HULK #49 when it hits stands on August 4. For more information, visit
  • Check out the full cover for the upcoming finale:

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Al Ewing: "It's finally time to admit it – IMMORTAL HULK is reaching the end of the story we set out to tell. Issue #49 brings jade-jaws to the gates of the abyss and a final accounting of his life – in time for a last issue you'll have to experience to believe."