California Health Officials Announce That the State Has Met the Health Metrics to Fully Reopen on June 15

California health officials have given a reopening update today, announcing that the state has met health metrics to fully reopen as planned on June 15. You can listen to the announcements through ABC7’s website.

What’s Happening:

  • California health officials have announced that the state has met metrics to fully reopen on June 15 as previously planned.
  • With the announcement, California will be able to fully reopen with no capacity limitations, no physical distancing, and travel restrictions lifted.
  • Masks will continue to follow CDC guidelines for various settings.
  • Traveling to the state will be aligned with CDC guidelines, where various parts of the world may be restricted based on outbreaks if necessary.
  • A vaccine passport system will not be required at this time.

Outdoor Venues

  • California health officials are recommending that outdoor events with 10k or more have a verification system for vaccinations/negative tests or give people the option to wear masks who are not vaccinated or do not show a negative COVID-19 test.

Indoor Venues

  • Health officials are requiring that indoor venues with 5k or more have a verification system and that those who are not vaccinated or do not show a negative COVID-19 test do not enter the venue.

California health officials will continue to monitor variants and infection rates after June 15 for any changes that may need to happen.

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