Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley has been sharing little sneak peeks at some of the new things coming to EPCOT and he gave us yet another today. Riddley shared a look at a new color palette for the new Creations Shop.

  • Riddley shared, via his Instagram account, a look at the new color palette for the exterior of the new Creations Shop.
  • In his post, Riddley says the team was “searching for something neutral and warm to perfectly capture the light and architectural details of these renovated buildings while complementing the adjacent Spaceship Earth façade.” You can check out the full post below.
  • The shop, which will serve as the replacement for MouseGear, will feature a Mickey Mouse mural and Disney promises that “this is Mickey like you’ve never seen him before.”
  • The shop will also feature homages to Mickey throughout the space in the form of completely original works of art.
  • The space will also feature an open, bright and welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pur into the shop.
  • And of course, guests will be able to find all of the merchandise they can possibly want to commemorate their visit.

  • Riddley is no stranger to showing off images of EPCOT during its radical transformation process, previously sharing a look at some earlier mock-ups of the pylons installed in the EPCOT entrance fountain and showcasing new flooring design and techniques being implemented and installed at the new Creations Shop.