Thanks to award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and rising star artist Dike Ruan, the adventures of Shang-Chi have never been more exciting—or dangerous!

  • The hit creative team’s critically acclaimed first volume (now available in trade paperback) ended with Shang-Chi determined to restore honor to the Five Weapons Society, an ancient organization of warriors ruled by his family.
  • But as the new leader of this shadowy and secretive group, Shang-Chi will find himself at odds with Marvel’s biggest heroes as well as the target of a host of brand-new Marvel villains eager to bring him down.
  • On sale June 30th, SHANG-CHI #2 will see the powerful Cosmic Cube up for grabs, leading to a three-way showdown between Shang-Chi, Captain America, and a new villain—LADY IRON FAN.
  • Using psychic abilities to control an arsenal of razor-sharp fan weaponry, this deadly new enemy is also in command of a powerful criminal organization of her own, the likes of which rivals those of Hydra and AIM!
  • Get your first glimpse at LADY IRON FAN on Michael Cho’s newly revealed SHANG-CHI #2 variant cover above as well as in never-before-seen artwork from the issue!

  • Don’t miss the next legendary battle of Marvel’s greatest fighter when SHANG-CHI #2 hits stands on June 30th.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Gene Luen Yang: "In our story, Lady Iron Fan is the owner of a popular casino hotel in Macau. She plays hostess to the biggest supervillain social event of the season. Lady Iron Fan is inspired by Princess Iron Fan, a famous character from the Chinese classic Journey to the West. Her powers are inspired by the classic character. She was a lot of fun to write!"