Disneyland Paris’ “InsidEars” Looks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment and More

Disneyland Paris has released a new episode of the YouTube series InsidEars: Live from the Magic giving us a look at the resort as it gets ready for the reopening on June 15.

What’s Happening:

  • The latest episode of Disneyland Paris’ InsidEars: Live from the Magic has been released, giving fans an inside look at some of the work being done as the resort prepares for reopening on June 15.
  • Episode 3 checks the maintenance work being done on the Disneyland Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean. They also take a peek backstage at the Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment.

  • InsidEars: Live from the Magic starts off welcoming back Chloë and Mathias as they take viewers behind-the-scenes on work being done throughout the resort.

  • We begin meeting with Julien who has been working on the Disneyland Railroad for the past seven years. The team is currently checking the boilers, something that happens once every 10 years, for any corrosion. They’ve also been working on some of the train tracks and testing them out during the closure.

  • Chloë and Mathias then meet with Samuel at Pirates of the Caribbean, where maintenance work is being done to various special effects on the attraction.

  • Samuel says they made adjustments to the lighting through the queue, including the entrance.

  • That’s not all done with lighting however, they also added LED lights to the boarding platforms to improve visibility that will look great when filled with water.

  • Mathias then meets with Julien, who has been working on animatronics during the closure, refining movements to make them more realistic.

  • Chloë then meets with David, a senior construction manager working on the Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment.

  • The painted slate tiles on the castle are installed using a hook system as they are cut by hand and painted one by one.

  • Chloë and Mathias end by saying the next episode will be taking fans behind-the-scenes at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, as it gets ready for opening on June 21.
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