New Ms. Marvel Series by Samira Ahmed Launches in September

Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will face more strange and interesting challenges as her story continues in a new comic series written by Samira Ahmed. Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit will debut this fall.

What’s Happening:

  • The next chapter of Ms. Marvel begins this fall! Just this morning, Entertainment Weekly shared an interview with Samira Ahmed (Love, Hate, & Other Filters; Internment; Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know) who is writing Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit, the next chapter in Kamala Khan's story.
  • Ahmed will be joined by Runaways artist Andrés Genolet and together the duo will guide readers through Kamala’s future in Marvel Comics. She’s been an Avenger, a Champion, and even the Chosen One…what comes next?
  • Marvel Comics’ Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit will debut on September 15th.

About the Story:

  • “After an explosion of interdimensional proportions at her cousin’s lab in Chicago, Kamala Khan's world is turned upside down….and into a Bollywood set?! Ms. Marvel's powers are on the fritz and time is running out to figure out what exactly is going on.”


What They’re Saying:

  • Samira Ahmed: "For kids of color, Muslim kids, there was literally zero representation when I was growing up. So when Sana and Willow announced Ms. Marvel, I was just so stunned. My heart soars for all the kids who will have Ms. Marvel comics as part of their childhood. I always tell people that in all my fiction there's this through-line of the 'revolutionary girl.' What girl is more revolutionary than Kamala Khan?”
  • Samira Ahmed: “Fans that have been there from day one will love to see how we're playing around with her powers, exploring them, and maybe pushing them. I don't want to give any spoilers, but there are gonna be some questions that arise about the source of her powers and what that means.
  • Samira Ahmed: “We're definitely going to have some food in there, we're definitely gonna have some pretty striking South Asian cultural elements that people are gonna see right off the bat in the series. There are gonna be some familiar faces and fan favorites, but also some new faces. . . Willow and then Saladin have created such an incredible world. I'm just excited to explore it and even push it out a little further."


Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit #1 (OF 5)

  • Written by Samira Ahmed
  • Art by Andrés Genolet
  • Cover by Mashal Ahmed

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