Restrooms Outside of Morocco Pavilion At EPCOT Reopen After Lengthy Refurbishment

The long walk around World Showcase just got a little bit shorter…if you have to use a restroom that is. The restrooms in the Morocco pavilion have returned!

What’s Happening:

  • Frequent guests to EPCOT’s World Showcase has known that one of the restroom options available to them as they traversed the promenade has been unavailable for a bit of time.
  • Those restrooms, technically in the Morocco pavilion but located between Morocco and France have reopened and with a new look.
  • This isn’t the first set of restrooms to have been refurbished or opened around the World Showcase Lagoon. Several years ago a new set of restrooms opened in The American Adventure tucked in the back right if you’re facing the pavilion provide a much higher capacity. A popular restroom in the Norway pavilion was also refurbished and expanded. Restrooms have also been added to the France Pavilion (Finally!) just outside the new area that will be home to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

More EPCOT News:

  • The highly anticipated return of fireworks to the parks of Walt Disney World is just a few hours away, but EPCOT took a moment to remind us that the illuminated kites, a signature moment in their fireworks show, EPCOT Forever, will be replaced by additional pyrotechnics. 

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