The latest ESPN Cover Story is out now and focuses on the Baltimore Orioles’ first baseman, Trey Mancini. Kevin Van Valkenburg interviews the sports star on his return to the major leagues following his Stage 3 cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Photography By Michael Avedon

Photography By Michael Avedon

What’s Happening:

  • It’s a new month and time for a new ESPN Cover Story. ESPN is highlighting Baltimore Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini and audicens can read and view his story across the network’s digital, linear and social platforms.
  • ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg interviewed the Major League Baseball pro about his life and his longtime love of the game which started when he was playing T-ball as a kid.
  • While Mancini’s youthful enthusiasm for the sport served as a springboard for his current career, 2020 proved to be a challenge when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in early 2020.

  • Mancini shares with Van Valkenburg about the difficult year and his personal victories thanks in part to the strong support system he had in his family, girlfriend, and teammates.
  • With the 2021 MLB season in full swing, Mancini is back in the place he loves best and his comeback is perfectly aligned with tonight’s Home Run Derby.
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