Marvel and Aconyte Books have announced the next novel in the Legends of Asgard line, The Rebels of Vanaheim, which will come out on December 7, 2021.



What’s Happening:

  • The Rebels of Vanaheim, the latest novel in the Legends of Asgard line has been announced by Marvel and Aconyte Books.
  • The novel is written by Richard Lee Byers, seeing the hero Heimdall return to battle the undead in the sequel to last year’s The Head of Mimir.
  • The Rebels of Vanaheim is the fourth prose novel in the Legends of Asgard line set in the realm of Asgard, following The Head of Mimir, The Sword of Surtur, and The Serpent and the Dead.
  • The Rebels of Vanaheim is available to pre-order now with a scheduled release of December 7, 2021.

About The Rebels of Vanaheim:

  • “Odin, King of the Gods, dispatches the heroic warrior Heimdall and Valkyrie captain Uschi, to eliminate a mysterious infestation of draugr – the living dead – in the proud realm of Vanaheim. Yet his home is not as Heimdall remembers it. Anti-Asgardian sentiment is rife, and the arrival of just two warriors from Asgard to deal with the draugr only incenses the people further. With rebellion growing in Vanaheim, Heimdall must investigate this conspiracy and the undead, even if it pits him against his own people, to preserve the peace of the Realm Eternal.”
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