On August 25, Marvel will celebrate its most legendary Asian super heroes in “Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1.” The new comic will be the latest in a far-reaching lineup of one-shots designed to uplift marginalized voices and celebrate the diversity of Marvel Comics’ characters and creators.

  • “Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1” will be a thrilling collection of uplifting adventures starring:
    • Shang-Chi
    • Jubilee
    • Silk
    • Jimmy Woo
    • Ms. Marvel
    • Wave
    • Silhouette
    • Armor
    • Silver Samurai
  • This highly anticipated issue will also boast a series of exciting new variant covers by an all-star lineup of artists including Peach Momoko’s spellbinding take on Nico Minoru, a gorgeous depiction of Marvel’s greatest fighter by InHyuk Lee, a celebration of some of mutantkind’s greatest stars by Uncanny X-Men artist Philip Tan, and more.

  • Visit Marvel.com for a special sneak peek at the stories that await you when MARVEL’S VOICES: IDENTITY #1 hits stands on August 25.

What they’re saying:

  • Editor Darren Shan: “It’s unreal to me that one of Marvel’s first Asian super heroes, Jimmy Woo, was first introduced in 1956. He predates the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. It just goes to show that Asians have been an integral part of Marvel’s history, both on the page and behind it. So I’m incredibly excited to celebrate that with all these amazing creators, new and established, featuring some of Marvel’s greatest (and dare I say it, best) super heroes!”