“it’s a small world” Interior Facade Gets New Color Scheme Ahead of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Bright new colors are starting to appear inside it’s a small world at the Magic Kingdom, harkening back to the color scheme guests could find on the opening day of the park in 1971.

What’s Happening:

  • Bright, new, vibrant colors are starting to appear across it’s a small world at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, going back to a similar appearance (though, not identical) to what it sported when it debuted with the park back in 1971.
  • Recently, the exterior facade was covered while the refurbishments brightened and enhanced the medieval fair tent look outside, and these bright colors are now on their way to the interior as well.
  • Fans may recall that the Disneyland attraction once sported bright pastels and vibrant colors until the park got closer to their 50th anniversary back in 2005, when the facade of it’s a small world was painted white with gold accents. While the Walt Disney World counterpart doesn’t have the exterior facade on the same grand scale, the interior loading area does look similar, and it too got the white and gold treatment.
  • Now, in a twist of irony, as we approach Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary later this year, and the kickoff of the World’s Most Magical Celebration on October 1st, we are now seeing the bright colors return once again to the timeless attraction.
  • Though, with the addition of Fastpass and other queue work, the entrance experience is fairly different than it appeared in 1971. Notably, the attraction entrance is nowhere near it once was, situated closer to Pinocchio’s Village Haus. It is now located on the opposite end of the facade, closer to the Tangled-themed restrooms which are located where the Fantasyland Skyway station once was.
  • In the photos, you can also see a lot of the wall still retains the white and gold scheme, likely changing over time as we get closer to the park’s anniversary on October 1st.
  • it's a small world was created for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. Personally overseen by Walt Disney in support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the attraction was a huge hit. After 2 seasons there, it was shipped to Disneyland park, where it opened on May 28, 1966. In 1971, it’s a small world was recreated to become one of the Opening Day attractions at Walt Disney World Resort. Due to its immense popularity, the attraction has been replicated at many Disney theme parks around the world and is considered a Walt Disney masterpiece.

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