Overheard at National Geographic is set to return for its seventh season, with new episodes weekly beginning on August 3rd.

What’s Happening:

  • National Geographic’s podcast, Overheard at National Geographic, will return for its seventh season on Tuesday, August 3. Each weekly episode takes listeners behind the conversations overheard at Nat Geo headquarters, Zooms and Slack chats, as editors plan stories with explorers and scientists, photographers and journalists all over the world.
  • The podcast is co-hosted by Peter Gwin, National Geographic editor at large, and Amy Briggs, executive editor of History magazine, and produced by Davar Ardalan, Eli Chen, Carla Wills, Brian Gutierrez, Jacob Pinter, Laura Sim and Ilana Strauss.
  • This season will take listeners on audio expeditions from Somaliland to Afghanistan and from Mexico City to Manila.
  • Season seven will follow tree planters trying to build shade for urban communities vulnerable to climate change. Listeners will explore the legacy of the Aztec and hear how a computer scientist is moving the Aztec language and lore into the age of artificial intelligence. Through the eyes of a Nat Geo writer, listeners will witness the trial of the most notorious cheetah smuggler in the Horn of Africa and the efforts to crack down on wildlife trafficking in the region. Plus, listeners will learn what monstrous critters a wildlife photographer discovered in his own backyard while quarantining at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You can check out the season seven trailer HERE, with the first episode will be available August 3 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, Castbox and wherever podcasts are found.
  • Season seven episodes include the following (all episodes subject to change):
    • 8/3: EP1: Cooling Cities By Throwing Shade: Fewer trees shade the poor neighborhoods of U.S. cities, but increasing the urban canopy involves more than just adding trees.
    • 8/10: EP2: The Aztecs: From Empire to A.I.: 500 years after the fall of Tenochtiltan, Aztec culture endures, thanks to its descendants, protectors, and centuries-old documents that are moving the Aztec language and lore into the age of A.I.
    • 8/17: EP3: Cracking Down on Cheetah Traffickers: Conservationists in Somaliland are cracking down on cheetah trafficking, a persistent problem in the Horn of Africa.
    • 8/24: EP4: Lucy in the Sky with Asteroids: Astronomers are examining pint-sized pieces of the solar system—like asteroids and comets—more closely than ever before.
    • 8/31: EP5: Dispatches from Afghanistan, 20 years after 9/11: Twenty years after the September 11 attacks, a dangerous divide has formed between urban and rural residents of Afghanistan.
    • 9/7: EP6: Saving the Creepy Crawlies: Ugly insects get ready for their close-ups after COVID-19 inspires photographer Joel Sartore to focus on the bugs in his own backyard.
    • 9/14: EP7: Venturing into the Heart of Manila: Filipina photographer Hannah Reyes Morales documents the dark corners of her hometown, Manila.
    • 9/21: EP8: The Guerilla Cyclists of Mexico City: Frustrated cyclists in Mexico City took matters into their own hands and built DIY bike lanes to show the government how to get the job done.
  • Listen to the bonus episode on sharks, released July 13. Science is showing us that these ancient creatures are actually evolutionary superstars and much smarter than most people think. Meet “the Shark Lady” who rode on their backs and the scientists who are uncovering their surprising superpowers.