Get ready to meet your new stylish best friend! The Disney ily 4EVER fashionable doll line by Jakks Pacific launched today, available exclusively at Target.

  • The Disney ily 4EVER is an 18-inch fashion doll line inspired by beloved Disney stories and characters.
  • The collection features five dolls, trendy fashions and aspirational accessory packs that offer kids a fun way to showcase their personal sense of Disney style.

  • The growing trend of wearing Disney-inspired fashion is gaining traction among adults, tweens and kids alike, as it’s a simple way for fans to show their love for Disney characters in a way that’s personal and authentic to them.
  • Disney ily 4EVER delivers on this trend by allowing kids to express their favorite Disney moments by dressing their dolls in character-inspired fashion that match their unique personal style.

  • Disney Ily 4ever 18" Tiana Inspired Accessory Pack – ​​$14.99
  • This is the first in a series of character releases and accessories packs. Additional characters, fashion and accessories packs, including Ariel, Belle, Tiana and Snow White, will be featured in future waves coming next year.
  • The first wave of the Disney ily 4EVER collection is available now exclusively in Target stores and will be coming to on August 15th.
  • Additionally, original content for the Disney ily 4EVER collection will be available on the Disney Princess YouTube channel beginning August 20th.