“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Arrives on 4K Ultra HD and Limited Edition SteelBook on Dec. 7th

A new 4K Ultra HD edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? P-p-p-p-p-p-p-please give it to us! Complete with bonus features, coming to shelves on December 7th!

What’s Happening:

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit arrives on 4K Ultra HD Disc for the first time on Dec. 7 in stunning HDR picture quality and Dolby Atmos audio. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes a limited-edition SteelBook, available only at Best Buy stores.

  • “This ain’t no cartoon, ya know!” It’s the hilarious cult classic combining rousing live-action and spectacular animation. 1947 Hollywood: Detective Eddie Valiant is hired to prove that mogul Marvin Acme is fooling around with femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, wife of cartoon superstar, Roger Rabbit. But when Acme is murdered … Roger is the prime suspect.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit Bonus Features include:
    • Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary – View the film with Audio Commentary by filmmakers Bob Zemeckis, Frank Marshall, Steve Starkey, Jeff Price, Peter Seaman and Ken Ralston.
    • The Roger Rabbit Shorts:
      • Tummy Trouble – The accident-prone Roger Rabbit faces new perils when he is left to baby-sit for the mischievous Baby Herman.
      • Roller Coaster Rabbit – Mother takes Baby Herman to the State Fair, and leaves him with Roger Rabbit so she can visit the psychic (fortune-teller).
      • Trail Mix-Up – Roger Rabbit returns in an all-new outdoor adventure that finds the irrepressible Toon star on a hilarious, disaster-filled camping trip.
    • Deleted Scene – The Pig Head Sequence – Judge Doom and the weasels teach Eddie Valiant a lesson in a way that only Toontown can. With intro by director Robert Zemeckis.
    • Who Made Roger Rabbit – A behind-the-scenes making of, hosted by Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit.
    • Before and After – Split screen comparison reveals the unbelievable talent of the live-action actors, animators and the special effects.
    • Toon Stand-Ins – Watch as the cast rehearse with life size stand-ins for the toons.
    • Behind the Ears: The True Story of Roger Rabbit – An in-depth, behind-the-scenes documentary.
    • On Set! Benny the Cab – The making of a scene from the movie.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit hits 4K Ultra HD and Limited-Edition Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook on Dec. 7th, 2021.