Disneyland Resort Magic Key Holder Survey Asks Questions About Satisfaction with Purchase, the Ease of Using the Park Reservation System, and Planned Use of Benefits

The Disneyland Resort has sent a survey to Magic Key holders asking a variety of questions, including the ease of use of the theme park reservation system, the value of the additional benefits, and a whole lot more. Check out highlights of the survey below. All questions featured multiple choice responses to either rate your satisfaction or the degree to which you agree with a statement made.



Questions About the Value of Magic Key:

  • Disney appreciates me as a Magic Key holder.
  • Being a Magic Key holder makes me feel like I am a part of Disney.
  • The Disneyland Magic Key program cares about its members.
  • The Disneyland Magic Key program understands the kinds of things I want.
  • I feel proud to be a Magic Key holder.

Questions About the Benefits of Magic Key:

  • How would you rate the Magic Key benefits besides park admission?
  • How well do you understand the additional Magic Key holder benefits?
  • Which benefits were you already aware of?
  • How often per visit do you use each benefit?
  • How valuable is each benefit to you?

Magic Key benefits include merchandise and food & beverage discounts, parking included with theme park admission, access to Magic Key Terrace, first access shopping events, Key Holder Month celebrations, food and beverage novelties exclusively available for purchase to Magic Key holders, and keepsakes like buttons and magnets when advertiest.

Questions About the Park Reservation Experience:

  • Have you made park reservations with your Magic Key pass?
  • How would you rate your experience using the reservation system with your Magic Key pass?
  • How often have you been able to make reservations you wanted?
  • How does the access you have compare to your expectations when you bought your pass?
  • How far in advance did you try to make a reservation?
  • What are your current plans to visit the Disneyland theme parks? (ie, are you holding dates just in case you want to go or are you 100% sure you’re going on the days you reserved?)
  • Compared to the previous annual pass program, are you more likely to visit when it’s less crowded? Will you stay the whole day or just a few hours? Will you go more on weekdays?

Additional Questions Included:

  • Rating the process to purchase Magic Key.
  • Rating the theme parks themselves.
  • Willingness to pay extra to access special events.
  • Other memberships you may have (D23, Club 33, Disney Vacation Club member, Walt Disney World annual passholder, etc…).
  • Other SoCal theme parks you have annual passes to.
  • Household demographic information.
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