Marvel Comics Shares Trailer for “X-Men: Inferno”

No one on Krakoa can be trusted when “X-Men: Inferno” kicks off later this month. Marvel shared a trailer for the upcoming comic arc, teasing the destruction of island mutant nation at the hands of Mystique.

  • Marvel shared a trailer for “X-Men: Inferno” ahead of its release later this month.
  • The trailer lets would-be readers know that the leaders and citizens of Krakoa cannot be trusted.
  • It also teases the return of Mystique and the destruction of the island nation.
  • Check out the trailer below:

About X-Men: Inferno:

  • Promises were made and broken. The rulers of Krakoa have been playing a dangerous game with a dangerous woman, and they are about to see how badly that can burn them.
  • Having been denied her wishes yet again, Mystique is ready to follow through on her promise to burn the nation of Krakoa to the ground.
  • Mutantkind’s bright future is threatened like never before as Hickman brings his game-changing plans to a head.
  • Fans can expect more revelations from the lives of Moira MacTaggert, Nimrod’s revenge, vicious power plays, and more in this pivotal chapter in X-Men history.

The creative team:

  • Throughout this four-issue limited series, Hickman will be joined by an incredible lineup of artists beginning with acclaimed illustrator Valerio Schiti. Known for masterfully depicting large-scale action alongside intense human drama, the S.W.O.R.D. and Empyre artist is perfect for bringing this heartbreaking saga to life.
  • In what is now an X-Men tradition, superstar artist Mark Brooks has delivered another stunning piece of teaser artwork for this latest X-Men milestone.
  • An homage to his earlier House of X/Powers of X piece, it depicts all the major players of Krakoa as they brace themselves for their biggest shakeup yet.
  • Head to your local comic shop in September when the biggest secrets of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run burn away in INFERNO #1.