ABC Owned Television Stations are inviting audiences to join them in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 as they debut a new special Our America: Todos Unidos.

What’s Happening:

  • ABC Owned Television Stations will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 with a multiplatform news special Our America: Todos Unidos streaming on September 15th.
  • In addition to its streaming debut, the special will also air on ABC Owned Television Stations, National Geographic, FX and Freeform throughout the month.

  • Our America: Todos Unidos examines the cultures, traditions, and various experiences of the Hispanic and Latino communities through first hand accounts and personal stories.
  • The special is executive produced by ABC Owned Television Stations’ Race and Culture executive producers Mariel Calizo Myers, Porsha Grant and Nzinga Blake and is hosted by ABC7/KABC-TV Los Angeles Race and Culture Reporter Anabel Muñoz.

  • Our America: Todos Unidos shines a light on voices from this diverse, multiracial community with roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela and more as they honor their heritage and express their identity. Stories, topics and individuals featured in special include:
  • Edward James Olmos & Latino Film Institute – Award-winning actor, activist and founder of the Latino Film Institute, Edward James Olmos, shares his mission of introducing the art of filmmaking to young children in Southern California. Olmos, and the CEO of the festival, Rafael Agustín, show how this brand of artistry can change a young person’ life while also being a source of cultural pride.
  • Latino | Latinx | Hispanic – The meaning behind each term, how they overlap and why they matter to the community. The ongoing debate is discussed in first-person narratives representing diverse Hispanic and Latino regions, generations and nations of origin. People proudly share how they identify, explore the meaning of the terms, and highlight the diversity within the community.
  • Separated and Reunited – In this emotional story, we learn about Mabel Gonzalez and her three sons who fled their native Honduras together but were separated for years when Mabel was deported. The eldest son shares his personal journey of becoming a caregiver to his brothers while their mother worked to return to the United States.
  • Más Masa – Diverse cultures, one common ingredient: Masa! Venezuelan, Mexican and Salvadoran chefs show how their respective communities use masa to make dishes unique to their cultures. Recipes steeped in nostalgia for immigrant families and considered staples in many Latino homes.

Where to Watch:

Saturday, September 18th

  • KTRK-TV Houston (11:35 pm CDT)
  • KABC-TV Los Angeles (10:00 pm PDT)
  • KGO-TV San Francisco (9:00 pm PDT)
  • KFSN-TV Fresno, Saturday (10:00 pm PDT)

Sunday September 19th

  • WABC-TV New York (1:00 pm EDT)
  • WLS-TV Chicago (11:00 pm CDT)
  • WPVI-TV Philadelphia (2:00 pm EDT)
  • WTVD-TV Raleigh Durham (2:00 pm EDT)

Sunday, September 26th

  • National Geographic
  • FX (8:00 am EDT)
  • FX (9:00 am EDT)

Monday, September 27th

  • Freeform on Sept. 27 (11:00 am EDT).