Duffy’s New Friend LinaBell To Make Global Debut at Shanghai Disneyland

Duffy the Disney Bear has made a new friend and she is about to make her global debut at the Shanghai Disney Resort on September 29th.

What’s Happening:

  • Duffy the Disney Bear has made a new friend, an adorable fox named LinaBell and she is set to make her global debut on September 29th.

  • LinaBell is a curious and inquisitive fox with a fluffy tail and a beautiful orchid tucked in her ear, LinaBell loves solving problems and mysteries and always uses her signature magnifying glass on her adventures
  • LinaBell will be making her global debut at Shanghai Disneyland, and will be available to meet at the park. She is the latest addition to a whole group of Duffy’s friends including:
    • ShellieMay – a teddy bear Minnie Mouse made for Duffy that is more adventurous than he, and encourages Duffy to take one step further than he normally would.
    • Gelatoni – an artistic cat with a sunny personality who can use his tail as a paint brush or create a piece of art with whatever is available.
    • StellaLou – a lavender rabbit whose dream is to become a Broadway dancer and loves dancing more than anything. Whenever she hears music playing or birds singing, she feels like dancing to the sound.
    • CookieAnn – a yellow dog with a sensitive nose and long floppy ears who is a passionate and optimistic friend that loves to invent something novel by combining things while wearing a chef’s hat on her head, an “expert” in inventing unique recipes.
    • ‘Olu Mel – a turtle slightly shy and reserved but is truly passionate about and talented in music. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Hawai'i, he learned how to hear and appreciate the music played by nature.
  • Duffy the Disney Bear was created within the context of American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea. The story goes…”when Mickey Mouse the sailor, based in Cape Cod, was leaving on a long sea voyage, Minnie Mouse made Duffy to keep Mickey company during his travels. Minnie presented her hand-sewn bear to Mickey in a duffel bag, which is how Mickey came up with the name Duffy.” But stories can evolve, and as Duffy's story has evolved, he and Mickey have visited many exciting places together, meeting new friends along the way, including the latest, LinaBell, set to debut at Shanghai Disneyland on September 29th.

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