ABC Releases Mockumentary Featurette Ahead of “Queens” Premiere

How do you introduce your audience to a music group they’ve never heard of? How about wIth a little bit of background via Behind the Hits? ABC has shared a new teaser for their drama Queens that any 90s kids will recognize as a creative reimagining of VH1’s Behind the Music.

What’s Happening:

  • With just days to go until the premiere of Queens, ABC is giving prospective fans the whole scoop on the music group Nasty B’s through a fun and informative feature, Behind the Hits.
  • Paying homage to 90s era Behind the Music documentaries, the three minute teaser gives viewers some insight on the fictional group and the impact their music had on the world.
  • Further solidifying the story, real world actors and musicians add commentary about the Nasty B’s with Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Tyrese Gibson, Cam’Ron, and Ashanti dishing on the rise and fall of the musical divas. And for those of you feeling especially nostalgic, there’s even a clip of the ladies on Ricki Lake. Seriously, take a look:

  • Queens premieres Tuesday, October 19th on ABC at 10:00 pm ET.


  • Queens follows four women in their 40s who reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had in the ‘90s when they were legends in the hip-hop world.