Marvel is giving fans a look at the upcoming X-Men Legends #12, which brings in writer Chris Claremont, the writer behind the franchise’s most influential works.

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel Comics’ X-Men Legends continues its run in February 2022 with an all new adventure from writer Chris Claremont.
  • Chris’ long-awaited debut on the title will see him step back into his unparalleled run on Uncanny X-Men in a story set before the start of another one of his iconic works, Excalibur. The groundbreaking writer will pen an all-new tale centered around the legendary characters he created and defined including Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Mystique, and Destiny!
  • Also featured will be popular X-Men artist Scot Eaton, with cover art from Excalibur co-creator Alan Davis.
  • X-Men Legends #12 will be available in February 2022.

About X-Men Legends #12:

  • In the aftermath of “Fall of the Mutants,” the X-Men are dead. Or so the world believes. And Mystique seeks revenge on Forge for his role in the loss of Rogue. In order to stop her partner from making a grave mistake, Destiny will have to recruit Nightcrawler and Shadowcat who, injured as they are, must dig deep to find new strength and do what is right as the last X-Men standing!

What They’re Saying:

  • Claremont said: “It’s always fun wandering back along existing pathways and especially having the opportunity to fill in a couple of nifty gaps that were initially skipped over along the way—closing off one significant story-arc and lighting the fire that ignites the series that follows. Talk about a treat!”