The story of Spider-Man is evolving in the latest editions of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man coming in January 2022. Peter Parker is out of commission, and Ben Reilly takes over as a new and improved Spider-Man.

What’s Happening:

  • This thrilling new story of the Amazing Spider-Man will be told over the course of 19 issues. Ben Reilly may be capable of taking Peter Parker’s place, but he might just meet his match when he comes up against Doctor Octopus.
  • This story will be written by a talented group of comic artists known as the Beyond Board — Patrick Gleason, Saladin Ahmed, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson, and Cody Ziglar
  • Things begins in Amazing Spider-Man #85 by writer Cody Ziglar and artist Paco Medina. It’s going to take everything Ben Reilly and the company that backs him has to stop Otto Octavius. But, in the Merry Marvel fashion and as with all respectable Spider-Stories, even if Spider-Man wins, he is going to lose. And he is going to lose BIG.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #86 by writer Zeb Wells and artist Michael Dowling will deal with the aftermath of the fight and will be a comic that fans will remember for years to come. Ben Reilly has been shaken to the core, and you will be too.
  • Find out if Peter Parker can step up and be Spider-Man again in Amazing Spider-Man #87 by writer Jed MacKay and artist Carlos Gómez. With NYC reeling from Doc Ock’s attack and Ben Reilly possibly down, it’s up to Captain America and Black Cat to see if Peter Parker is ready for action again. You may think you know where this story is going, but you do not.
  • Also coming in January will be Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond #1, a new one-shot written by Jed MacKay with art by C.F. Villa. This unlikely team up will see Mary Jane coming to the rescue of Black Cat after she’s been kidnapped. Mary Jane has never liked Felicia Hardy, and now she has to save her life! But remember, this is the Black Cat we’re talking about. Things are never quite what they seem.
  • The remaining cover art can be seen below, with Amazing Spider-Man #85 above.

  • The release dates for all these comics are as follows:
    • Amazing Spider-Man #85 — January 5, 2022
    • Amazing Spider-Man #86 — January 12, 2022
    • Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond #1 — January 19, 2022
    • Amazing Spider-Man #87 — January 26, 2022