Walt Disney Animation Studios Releases New “Encanto” Featurette

Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a new featurette, showing off a bit about the creation of their upcoming film Encanto, and a bit more from a mysterious character in the movie.

What’s Happening:

  • A new featurette has debuted showcasing moments and bits with the cast and crew of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming film, Encanto.
  • The featurettes gives us a bit more of a glimpse into the film, which is set in Colombia, and follows the Madrigal family, where each member of the family has been blessed with a magical gift, except for Mirabel, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.
  • The featurette showcases some quick clips of her having a blast during her recording sessions, before focusing once again on Colombia, and the inspiration it provided for the film.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda returns to work on the music for another Walt Disney Animation Studios film (previously, he worked on Moana) and voice of Bruno, John Leguizamo, adds his thoughts on working with Miranda.

  • Interestingly, in this featurette we see (and hear) more from Bruno, who in past teases has only been revealed as the one in the family who can see the future, and the only member of the family that we don’t talk about.
  • The cast and crew unite in saying the story is really about family and doing what’s right and they hope that everyone who sees the movie sees it with their family.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto, is the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The all-new original film features the voice of Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel, an ordinary 15-year-old who’s struggling to find her place in her family.

What They’re Saying:

  • Stephanie Beatriz, Voice of “Mirabel”: “Mirabel is a really funny, loving character who also deeply yearns for something more. She’s also not afraid to stand up for what she knows is right—something I love and relate to very much.”