National Geographic Shares “America the Beautiful” Trailer for Disney+ Day

In celebration of Disney+ Day, National Geographic shared a breathtaking trailer for America the Beautiful, a new documentary series coming to the streaming service in 2022.

  • America the Beautiful will invited viewers to explore the stunning spaces that define America’s beauty.
  • The trailer shows off some of the incredible wildlife that can be found all around the country.
  • Check out the full trailer for America the Beautiful below:

About America the Beautiful:

  • It’s the land we love and the land we think we know. We see America’s breathtaking landscapes and wildlife as timeless, but the truth is very different. Its unique geography drives the forces of nature to extremes, shaping and reshaping the land and throwing down new challenges for life. From the award-winning producers of Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and the Disneynature films, America the Beautiful is the ambitious story of our home. Led by the iconic species that resonate with us most, we’re going to journey through America’s visually spectacular regions: the Frozen North, the Wild West, the Grassy Heartland, the Deep South and the Mountainous High Wilderness.

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