Hasbro Pulse revealed the next stretch goal for the HasLab Star Wars Black Series Rancor figure and it could unlock some ominous new accessories.

  • If the latest HasLab project hits 13.5 thousand backers, those who purchase will also receive some movie-inspired bone accessories and a world-building backdrop.
  • These new accessories will allow collectors to create their very own movie-inspired display, like the one seen above.

  • The Star Wars Black Series Rancor can be backed here for $349.99.
  • The new product will only go into production if the project reaches a total of 9,000 backers in the next three weeks.

More on the Star Wars Black Series Rancor:

  • The Hasbro Star Wars team recently hosted a half-hour Fan First Friday livestream to reveal more about its exciting HasLab Return of the Jedi Rancor project in the 6” The Black Series scale.
  • The stream opened with a replay of the Rancor reveal video from Hasbro PulseCon 2021.
  • The team then showed the first physical grey model prototype that has been physically produced.
  • They talked a bit about the “drool” pieces, which can be positioned in different parts of the Rancor’s mouth.
  • Next they showed off the physical prototype being able to strike the poses we saw in the reveal video, and stand on its own while remaining stable.
  • Lastly, the first stretch goal tier was revealed for the crowd-funded Rancor project: a Gamorrean Guard on a unique “The Power of the Force” retro-style cardback, which will be exclusive to this release.
  • The Gamorrean Guard will also come with a scaled-up version of “The Power of the Force” coins that used to be included with Kenner Star Wars action figures.
  • Three more stretch goal tiers are planned after this, but have not yet been revealed.
  • And yes, the Gamorrean Guard will fit at least partway into the Rancor’s mouth.