The Final Chapter of Peach Momoko’s “Demon Days” Arrives in March with “Demon Days: Blood Feud”

The next installment in the “Demon Days” quarterly series, “Demon Days: Blood Feud” will tie up the current arc in the “Momoko-verse” as Mariko Yashida’s mesmerizing adventure comes to an end.

  • Throughout the past year, Marvel’s Stormbreaker Peach Momoko has treated readers to a stunning vision of the Marvel Universe in her acclaimed “Demon Days” series.
  • Known for her best-selling cover artwork, Momoko made her writing and interior art debut on the title and created a world that blended Japanese folklore with Marvel Comics mythos in a dazzling new way.
  • Filled with reimagined versions of classic Marvel heroes including Storm, Thor, and Wolverine and brought to life in Momoko’s iconic art style, “Demon Days” was a huge success, and Marvel Comics is proud to present the final chapter of the current saga this March: “Demon Days: Blood Feud.”
  • At the end of the road, Mariko will finally meet the one who’s been hunting her: a silver-clad swordswoman named Ogin, who’s also Mariko’s sister!
  • Will Mariko have to cross blades with her own flesh and blood, or will Ogin’s giant, green bodyguard smash Mariko to pieces first? Starring a brand-new take on the Silver Samurai, the stakes are high and the emotions are higher as the Yashida saga reaches its dramatic conclusion!

  • And coming in April will be the Demon Days Treasury Edition TPB! Containing all five “Demon Days” one-shots – X-Men, Mariko, Cursed Web, Rising Storm and Blood Feud – this must-have collection will feature a brand-new cover by Peach Momoko.
  • You can see the converse for both “Blood Feud” and the Demon Days Treasury Edition TPB above, as well as some new character designs below.

  • Don’t miss the epic finale of the “Demon Days” saga this March!

What they’re saying:

  • Writer and artist Peach Momoko: “This was my first time writing and painting a long-term story and honestly I was a bit scared! But in the end I feel very proud to be able to create five issues in the span of a year and a few months. I hope everyone reading ‘Demon Days’ sees my growth and experience leveling up in every issue. And I will continue to grow and hope one day to leave an important mark for everyone to see!”