“Disney+ Voices” Shares Stories on the Impact of Accessibility

Disney+ just released another episode of the YouTube series Disney+ Voices, this one focused on Black representation and the importance of accessibility to inclusive media, including animation.

What’s happening:

  • The Disney+ web series Disney+ Voices is back with a brand-new episode titled Impact of Accessibility.
  • This episode features a conversation between Pixar Animation Studios story supervisor Aphton Corbin and Senior Manager of Engagement on the Global Public Policy team, Sajda Ouachtouki.
  • In their conversation, they discuss the accessibility of careers not promoted in Black communities and the importance of Black stories.
  • Ouachtouki focuses on how she has felt that the world has misconstrued her identity is as a Black muslim woman following the events of 9/11. Ouachtouki’s first role in representation came when she wrote for a blog while in college that specifically told the stories of female minorities to give them a voice.
  • Corbin discusses her Pixar SparkShort: Twenty Something and how she experienced a feeling of imposter syndrome while developing the idea for the short. Aphton then mentions how she turned the feeling of imposter syndrome into a positive and used the feelings that she felt to help portray the characters in her SparkShort.
  • Continue the conversation with the Celebrate Black Stories Collection on Disney+ and the Black Stories Hub on Hulu.
  • You can see the entire conversation below.

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