The “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” is set to return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday, December 19th with some minor adjustments, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

  • The “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” has been closed sine March 2020, when Walt Disney World entered its shutdown phase due to the pandemic.
  • Show director Tom Vazzana told the Orlando Sentinel that the popular show will keep its storyline but will also feature new effects, dialogue and setup:
    • “The temple scene is still intact, and then we tweaked the dialogue. We actually tightened it up a bit. That set is massive and beautiful, and we arranged the dialogue so that we could move more swiftly through the scenes and get to the stunts and show off our performers.”
  • The show will continue to demonstrate the secrets behind the stunts and action sequences from the beloved Indiana Jones films, just with some updates to some of the stunts:
    • “There’s this peekaboo that happens with Indy and Marion coming through the clothes rack and we decided let’s focus on this fun part of this stunt. A kerfuffle happens that was never there before.”
  • A change has also been made to the big fight scene:
    • “We tried to make this a little more energetic. We also integrated all the stunt performers coming into the scene and running away from it in a really eclectic way. That was never there before.”
  • Of course, some general maintenance and touchups have been done to some of the set pieces as well:
    • “We refreshed every facade. We have revitalized every vehicle on the show. Every set piece has been repainted. The marketplace has been repainted, the fabrics have been repainted and we replaced all of the lighting and soundboard.”
  • Guests might notice some new sound effects in the show as well:
    • “We’ve actually changed that up a bit, too, so that our punches are more authentic.”
  • Cast member Andrea Miceli, who was in the show prior to the shutdown, talked a bit about returning to her role:
    • “It’s a very unique show. Once we started getting back into the show elements, it was like riding a bike and it was great. We definitely wanted to focus on the safety of everything as well, bringing it back right.”
  • Vazzana made it clear that this will still be the show we know and love, just with a few updates:
    • “I wouldn’t say this is a total refresh. But I would say that every line, every scene, every lighting element, has been looked at with a fresh and caring eye.”
  • The Disney Parks Blog also shared a video for the returning show, featuring some additional insight from Vazzana:

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