Disney-Owned Networks Return to YouTube TV as Carriage Agreement is Reached

Not even two days after the Disney-owned networks were pulled from YouTube TV after a carriage-agreement deadline had passed with a deal not-yet-reached, the two entertainment companies reached an agreement allowing the networks to return to the provider.

What’s Happening:

  • Previously, we reported that YouTube TV and the Walt Disney Company failed to reach a carriage agreement, and the Disney-owned Networks and local ABC Networks found on the provider had been pulled.
  • Now, YouTube TV has announced that the pair have finally reached an agreement, and the networks are returning to YouTube TV.
  • Subscribers who also lost any saved media and content from the networks will once again find it in their libraries.
  • When this news broke a few days ago, YouTube TV also announced that the price of the service would be decreased by $15.00, dropping from $64.99 to $49.99. With today’s news, they also revealed that the price would revert back to the original $64.99.
  • Reportedly, the dispute leading up to the original deadline had largely revolved around money, with Google claiming that Disney had demanded higher fees for its TV networks than “services of a similar size” pay. YouTube also noted that customers could sign up for the Disney Bundle ($13.99/month) for access to Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu on-demand with ads.
  • The news came not even two days after the original deadline had passed, but enough time to see the Disney-Owned networks pulled from the service. They announced the return of the channels on the screens of subscribers as well as their official Twitter account.

  • The Disney-owned channels that had previously gone dark on YouTube TV but are now being restored include:
    • Local ABC channels
    • ABC News Live
    • Disney Channel
    • Disney Junior
    • Disney XD
    • Freeform
    • FX
    • FXX
    • FXM
    • National Geographic
    • National Geographic Wild
    • ESPN
    • ESPN2
    • ESPN3 (via the ESPN app)
    • ESPNU
    • ESPNews
    • SEC Network
    • ACC Network