One of Krakoa’s Leaders Will Walk Away in “Destiny of X”

The X-Men are about to enter a new era when “Destiny of X” begins in March. Today, Marvel gave us a little tease as to what we can expect when the new story arc begins.

  • As Marvel said in their tweet, “one of mutantkind’s most powerful leaders walks away from Krakoa” in the upcoming comic story.
  • Based on the cover that accompanies the tease, it appears it will be Magneto that will be leaving the mutant nation behind him.
  • “Destiny of X” will span multiple titles and will kick off in March.

About Destiny of X:

  • Rising out of the ashes of “Inferno” and emerging out of the vital time-travelling mission in “X Lives of Wolverines/X Deaths of Wolverine” comes The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men: “Destiny of X!” Mutantkind’s future is reshaped once more, as Krakoa’s greatest triumphs and most crushing challenges still lie ahead.
  • This new era will kick off with new titles such as
    • “Immortal X-Men”
    • “Knights of X”
    • Legion of X”
    • “X-Men Red”
    • A stellar new creative team takeover on “Marauders”
  • Additionally, we will see revolutionary status quo changes for continuing titles
    • “X-Men”
    • “X-Force”
    • “New Mutants”
    • “Wolverine”
  • Fans can get their first peek at what’s to come in a new promotional image by Leini Francis Yu and Sunny Gho, an epic group shot starring some of the major players of the franchise’s upcoming sagas.