ABC News and Nia Long Will Bring Mamie Till-Mobley’s Words to Life in “Let The World See” Docuseries

Nia Long will bring Ms. Mamie Till-Mobley’s words to life reciting excerpts from her memoir in the new docuseries Let The World See.

What’s Happening:

  • ABC News announced today, December 22, 2021, that award-winning actress and producer Nia Long has signed on to the special limited docuseries Let The World See to read excerpts from Ms. Mamie Till-Mobley’s memoir Death of Innocence: The Story of the Hate Crime that Changed America.
  • The first installment of the series begins with an examination of Ms. Mamie Till-Mobley’s early life, Emmett Till’s childhood, the fate of his father and the events that led to Emmett Till’s murder in Mississippi in the summer of 1955. Ms. Mamie Till- Mobley and Emmett Till’s cousins Rev. Wheeler Parker, who was a witness to his abduction, as well as Ms. Thelma Wright, Ms. Ollie Gordon and Amos Smith add context and a deeper explanation to the racial climate and chain of events that led Ms. Mamie Till-Mobley to make the heartbreaking decision to have an open-casket funeral for the world to see what happened to her son. Former first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama will also appear in the episode.
  • Let The World See is produced by ABC News Studios in association with Roc Nation, Westbrook Studios, Kapital Entertainment and Cobble Hill Films.
  • The docuseries is directed by Ms. Jeanmarie Condon and Ms. Fatima Curry. Ms. Condon and Ms. Curry are executive producers for Cobble Hill Films and ABC News Studios, respectively.
  • Shawn Carter, Tyran Smith and Jay Brown are executive producers for Roc Nation; Will Smith is executive producing for Westbrook Studios, and James Lassiter also serves as executive producer; Aaron Kaplan is executive producer for Kapital Entertainment.