Dan Slott, Carlos Pacheco, & Carlos Magno kick off a Marvel Comics epic fifteen years in the making as Marvel’s oldest conflict reignites in Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1.

What’s Happening:

  • On February 2nd, writer Dan Slott’s long-awaited Reckoning War saga begins, launching in Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1 and then unfolding in the pages of Slott’s current run on Fantastic Four. The story will shed light on the First War that rocked the Marvel Universe, a conflict that preceded Asgard, Galactus, and all the heroes you know and love. That war will now reignite and only the Fantastic Four can defend the Universe from the chaos it will unleash. Get your first look at the revelations and action to come in the all-new Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1 trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!
  • Be there for the first battle of the Reckoning War when Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1 hits stands on February 2nd.

What They’re Saying:

  • Dan Slott: "When I was eight years old I read a particular Marvel comic that struck me. It got me thinking 'If this happened, and that happened, then the whole Marvel universe would be in trouble. Every facet would be in danger if this conflict happened again, and I've sat back and waited since I was eight years old and no one ever touched on this. And that made me happy. The Reckoning War is me finally being able to answer the question an eight-year-old me had: What if those guys showed up again? It's chaos, madness… A fight for your life. This is my Star Wars."