LaughingPlace’s Interactive Map Feature Updated Through 2022

Here at, we have a sort of time machine thanks to our collection of interactive maps, created by our own Cole Geryak! Using this feature, you can explore the history of the Disney’s Theme Parks by viewing retro maps, showing you year by year, what attractions were in each park. Plus, you’ll find links to articles and videos that will really help you dive into past attractions.

Now, as the calendar turns over once again, our interactive maps have been updated to reflect the parks as they appear (so far) in 2022.

For each map, users can select the year, now running from opening day through 2022, that they want to view. Then, clickable dots will appear, showcasing each of the attractions that were there that year. Each listing also includes its years of operation, what replaced that attraction (if anything), as well as the aforementioned links to videos and articles.

So feel free to explore! You can visit each of the parks now! Or then!

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