New Quick-Service Italian Food Eatery Opening at Knott’s Berry Farm This Summer

Knott’s Berry Farm today announced a brand new quick-service Italian food eatery coming to the park this summer!

UPDATE 1/19/2022:

  • A new article from the OC Register has revealed some more information on this new eatery coming to Knott’s Berry Farm.
  • We now have an official name for the restaurant – Prop Shop Pizzeria: An Italian Kitchen.
  • The backstory will be that of a converted backstage props and costume warehouse where actors and patrons mingle after shows break at the theater next door. The restaurant’s decor includes props, costumes and set pieces from past shows at the theater.
  • The new restaurant bills itself as a Boysenbrewery, but Knott’s won’t brew its own boysenberry beer as the name suggests. The new eatery will offer a selection of beers, wines and cocktails, however the location won’t include any brewery equipment for making beer.
  • The menu for the Prop Shop Pizzeria will include made-to-order salads, pizzas and pastas. Among the pizzas: Cauliflower Veggie and White Pie with Garlic Chicken. Pastas include Beef Bolognese and Alfredo.
  • The new pizzeria is expected to offer mobile order pickup and a to-go window for beer, wine and cocktails, according to concept art.

What’s Happening:

  • The former Hollywood Hits pizza parlor, located near the Walter Knott Theater in Knotts’ Boardwalk section, is now closed, as renovations are underway to transform it into a brand new eatery.
  • The concept art released today by the park reveals that this new eatery will be an indoor location, as opposed to the former Hollywood Hits, which was just a walk-up counter.
  • The theme of the location seems to expand upon the nearby theater, with props and sets, along with photos from Knotts’ history.

Here’s a look at what the restaurant used to look like as Beachy Keen’s Pizza. It was renamed to Hollywood Hits within the last few years, losing the sign and changing the color scheme. (Photo by

  • Additionally, construction walls are now up around Hollywood Hits, with different artwork on the walls revealing a little more about the project.
  • The first piece of concept art shared by Twitter user Five Fires shows the beautiful facade for the eatery, which looks to confirm the name as Pizza Pie Factory and Boysenbrewery.

  • The last half of that name also confirms that part of this new development will be a brewery, likely featuring Boysenberry-infused craft brews.
  • The second piece of concept art shows off the side of the restaurant that faces the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars, which will have covered seating with a giant Coca-Cola logo on top.
  • This highly themed new eatery will open on Memory Lane at Knott's Berry Farm this summer!