“Life of Wolverine” Infinity Comic Debuts on Marvel Unlimited Along With First Issue of “X Lives of Wolverine”

Marvel Unlimited has a couple of exciting new additions for Wolverine fans today. Not only is the first issue of “X Lives of Wolverine” getting a special release on the same day that it drops in comic shops, but a new “Life of Wolverine” Infinity Comic is also available today.

  • Starting today, “X Lives of Wolverine” and “X Deaths of Wolverine,” a pair of interlocking series will usher in The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men!
  • Week after week, writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara, Federico Vicentini, and Adam Kubert will journey across Wolverine’s history and future to deliver a transformative epic packed with revelations and exciting developments not just for Logan but for all of mutantkind.
  • Now, as a special bonus release, Marvel Unlimited subscribers can read the first issue of “X Lives of Wolverine,” the same day that it drops in comic shops.
  • As fans enjoy the weekly event series, they can catch up on Wolverine's complete history in the all-new “Life of Wolverine #1” Infinity Comic.
  • For the first time ever, fans can explore the history of Wolverine in chronological order.
  • New issues of the 10-part series will be available on the app every Thursday (starting next Thursday, with #2 on January 27).
  • Jean Grey scans Wolverine’s mind, bringing us along with her through the memories across the long life of the mutant known as Logan, James Howlett, Weapon X, Wolverine and more.

About “X Lives of Wolverine”:

  • Logan. James Howlett. Weapon X. The mutant best known as WOLVERINE has lived many lives under many identities and in many places, but never before has the fate of the future been so entwined with the past!  Fan-favorite eras of Wolverine’s saga are explored anew, along with never-before-seen episodes as Logan must travel to various points in time to prevent the death of a key figure in mutant history.  But these LIVES are only one side of the story… Be here for the start of the time-shredding saga across all of Wolverine’s history, and future yet to come!