Magic Key Terrace at Disney California Adventure Undergoing Renovation

Disneyland wants to give their Magic Key Holders a place they can call their own. As a result, the Magic Key Terrace at Disney California Adventure is undergoing a renovation, according to the Orange County Register.

  • The Magic Key Terrace in Disney California Adventure is reportedly being transformed into a “Club 33-style hangout.”
  • The idea is to give Magic Key Holders a place they can relax after a long day in the parks.
  • Walt Disney Imagineering and Disneyland crews began work on a renovation of the terrace today (Monday, January 24th).
  • Magic Key Terrace will remain open throughout the renovation, though capacity will be reduced as some sections will be closed.
  • The completed passholder lounge will be a “hidden, private, exclusive, members-only, second-story hangout,” though that is where the similarities with Club 33 will end.

What they’re saying:

  • Walt Disney Imagineering’s Kim Irvine: “When we started our Magic Key program, the park decided that it would be a really great thing to have a location for them that they could call their own, kind of like Club 33 has their own location. Now the Magic Key members have the same thing which is really wonderful.”