National Geographic Producers Drew Jones and Billy Pinkney III Discuss Diverse Perspectives on “Disney+ Voices”

National Geographic producers Drew Jones and Billy Pinkney III discuss he importance of including Black perspectives in creative storytelling during the latest installment of Disney+ Voices,

  • Jones has been a producer on Live Below Zero and Wicked Tuna, which is currently in its 11th season.
  • Pinkney works as a producer on The Incredible Dr. Pol.
  • The pair talks about how they worked to get to where they are now and what they do to try and give a different perspective into the storytelling from National Geographic.
  • Pinkney points out that representation is important and that he hasn’t seen it just yet:
    • “To be honest, I have not seen myself represented yet,” he says. “For me to see myself on a National Geographic show or within a series, it’d have to be a black boy or man who is vulnerable, who has a curiosity about him, who wants to learn and wants to experience different things that life has to offer.”
  • Jones offered some advice for young creators who might follow his path:
    • “If you have something that you believe in, you want to share with the world, you have a passion for, take the first step and move towards that,” he said. “Create it on your own. I just say go for it and put your heart out there.”
  • You can watch their full conversation in the video below:

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