Washington, D.C.’s National Museum of American History Wants Your Photos For Future Disney Parks Exhibit

The National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. is working on a future exhibit based on the Disney parks, and they want your photos across time, showcasing candid family moments as well as the evolution of the parks.

What’s Happening:

  • Have you ever been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Did you pose for a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella Castle? Maybe take a selfie eating an iconic Mickey Premium Bar or getting an autograph from a famous character? If so, the National Museum of American History wants you to share your photos with them.
  • The team at the National Museum of American History is working on a future project, and they’re looking for images that capture your experiences as guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. If you submit a photo and/or story, they might appear in the future project at the museum.
  • The museum is looking for photos of you, your friends, and your families at Disneyland or Walt Disney World and the story of what the photograph and visit mean to you. When was the visit, and with whom? What feelings did it evoke for you?
  • They want to see photographs that show Disney Parks as you experienced them: posing with characters, kids worn out and sleeping, families, couples, individuals, people of all abilities, ethnicities, ages, on rides, eating together, looking at maps – the usual stuff – throughout all decades and time periods, especially as Disney Parks change and evolve over time. Candid and posed, even fingers on the lens are A-OK, the museum can crop photos for composition, so don’t hold back on blurry or double-exposed photos.
  • The museum has limited space for the future exhibit and states that they will not be able to use all the images they receive. Privacy and permissions rules will also impact which images they use. For example: If you aren’t the child in the photo (or their guardian), they won’t be able to use photos in which a child’s face is identifiable. Same for Disney cast members.  
  • The museum would appreciate the highest-resolution images you have available, and scans are fine, in jpg, pdf, png, or tiff format. You can send your photo/s to [email protected] with a few sentences about the photo and your Disney Park story. Don’t forget to include your name and the best way to get in touch.