Pixar Leadership Development Associate Bree Jenkins Shares Her Story for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Pixar shared a video of Bree Jenkins telling her story and career choices that helped impact her life and got her to where she is now with Pixar.

  • Bree is a Leadership Development Associate at Pixar, which focuses on finding ways to support leaders at the company and making sure their teams are collaborative and creative as possible.
  • Bree loved math growing up, and her first steps to sending her on the right career path began when she took an engineering honors program while in school.
  • Her love and appreciation for Disney began when her mother took her family to Walt Disney World. Some of the inspiration she had for her future career came from when she got to see things that she had learned through her engineering program come to life in a way she had never seen before at Walt Disney World.
  • For college education, Bree attended Georgia Tech and majored in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
  • In her undergrad program, she participated in a few internships, one of those being at Disney in the Creative Costuming department. Her Work in Creative Costuming was to help streamline the process of checking costumes to help make it easier for the cast members checking out the costumes.
  • After graduation, Jenkins aspired to work for Disney again and began her work in a role called Industrial Engineering.
  • While working for Disney, Bree realized she wanted to do more work that could help give back to her community. She left Disney to pursue an MBA from UC Berkeley, where she took a handful of classes that discussed race, diversity and inclusion.
  • After graduation, Jenkins helped open an Elementary School as Head of Operations. Part of her main responsibilities in her position was finance, compliance and establishing the values of the school.
  • Bree came to Pixar and began work on connecting with people at Pixar and supporting them on their journey and has loved what she’s done for the company ever since!
  • You can watch her full story below: