“Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book” Coming in November, Available for Pre-Order

From Spider-Man to the Avengers to the Fantastic Four, Marvel's mightiest heroes will assemble in the ultimate pop-up book from renowned paper engineer Matthew Reinhart later this year.

  • Reinhart, a New York Times best-selling paper engineer, is set to deliver the stunning Marvel Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book on November 15, 2022.
  • Watch Spider-Man swing over rooftops, pull tabs to transform Tony Stark into Iron Man and Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk, watch the X-Men take down a giant Sentinel, and much, much more.
  • Featuring contemporary comics art and remarkable three-dimensional paper engineering on every page, this oversized pop-up book will delight Marvel fans of all ages.

  • You can pre-order the pop-up book now and check out some more images from the book below, featuring some of your favorite characters like the Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men and more.

What they’re saying:

  • Paper engineer Matthew Reinhart: "I've been dreaming about making this book for over a decade (especially the design for the Spider-Man pop-up) actually even though I've been a Marvel Comics fan since I can remember. One of my favorite memories as a third grader was being able to go to the nearby Navy Exchange—my father was in the military—and buy comics on my own. The squeak of that rotating comics rack, all of those amazing Marvel covers and stories to choose from—I'll never forget how exciting when new comics came in and how difficult it was to choose with my limited allowance!"
  • Reinhart on Marvel: "Marvel, to me, embodies a universe of endless possibilities. So I was honored when I got the opportunity to finally make the Marvel Universe pop! When it came to conceptualizing this pop-up book, it was a little tough to edit down my ideas. I had TOO many to cram into just one book!"
  • Reinhart on his creative process: "My favorite part of creating a pop-up book is usually the initial design phase of cutting, folding and taping together the original working pop-up 'sketch' before it gets more refined and the color artwork is applied. This time, however, getting the pencil sketches of my (amazing) comic artist collaborators,  Aaron Lopresti, Paul Pelletier and Stacy Lee Phillips, was the most exciting to me. Typically, when I collaborate with another illustrator on a pop-up book, I send them rough artist guides that outline basic shapes to fill with characters, objects or backgrounds. Seeing those boring guidelines come back as living breathing comic art, even without the inking and color applied, just blew me away. I was taken back to being that kid picking out comics in the third grade! There's so much energy in those first pencil sketches, and I couldn't wait to piece them into the pops I had already created."