How Disney Helps Protect the Planet and Its Marine Life

Disney has always been proud of how they work with different organizations to help the environment and wildlife. With today being Earth Day, it is the perfect time to share some of the good that is being done for this beautiful world. Disney Parks Blog shared more.

What's Happening:

  • From safeguarding key watersheds in Florida and California, they are studying to protect marine life and have a better and healthier ocean for Coastal communities.

  • Sea turtles begin their lives on land and then, as they get older, migrate to the sea.
  • This is why Disney Conservation Team Wildlife’s sea turtle conservation program at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort makes it a priority to protect sea turtle nests on beaches and areas surrounding the resort. This program has been running for 19 years.
  • The team has recently recorded their millionth hatchling to successfully make its way back to the ocean.

  • The Disney Conservation Fund supports long-term efforts to protect and restore sea turtle habitats. This is so sea turtle hatchlings have the opportunity to grow and lay their eggs on Florida nesting beaches.
  • Disney has been in collaboration with the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida, and this has resulted in 2.1 million pounds of debris removed from sea turtle habitats on beaches and at sea.
  • Disney veterinarians and other animal care specialists rehabilitated and released over 300 sick and injured sea turtles to date.
  • Some of the sea turtles are even at the Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT.
  • Disney Conservation Fund doesn't only work with sea turtles. They have supported field conservation programs for marine species in or near 50 countries around the world.
  • In China, the China Blue Sustainability Institute has developed the first artificial intelligence community science reporting tool to help the imperiled Chinese white dolphin.
  • The Coral Restoration Foundation works to restore coral reefs on an ecologically significant scale. By utilizing science and technology to assist the ecosystems that support 25% of all marine life in the sea.

  • They are helping sharks and rays as well with Minorities in Shark Sciences (MISS). Carlee Jackson, a New College of Florida research associate working with Disney Conservation, co-founded MISS, which means everyone, no matter their background, can play a role in protecting the ocean.

  • Our planet is covered by 71% water, but it is the least explored. It is obvious that our actions do have a significant impact on what happens.
  • We can all do our part by picking up any trash that could be making its way into the ocean. Also, by reducing the use of disposable plastic by choosing a reusable option for bags and bottles.