Say Thank You the Disney Way with Magical, Enchanting and Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers Day

Whether you’re still in school or it’s been decades since you’ve been in a classroom, we all have teachers that have made a big impact on our lives. From sharing their wisdom, exercising patience, and offering encouragement, educators gift us daily with their time, and now we can return the favor. In honor of Teacher’s Day (May 3rd) shopDisney is highlighting a list of thoughtful gifts to share that feature beloved Disney mentors like Mary Poppins and Yoda.

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What’s Happening:

  • There’s a national holiday happening every day, and next month presents us with Teachers’ Day on May 3rd. This special celebration is themed to educators and one of the ways students (no matter your age) can honor their favorite leader is with a charming gift.
  • shopDisney has put together a delightful guide focusing on some of the best Disney teachers and mentors who likely share a personality trait with your favorite educator!
  • From Tony Stark and Mary Poppins, to Joe Gardner and Chef Gusteau, Disney’s stories have been filled with exceptional leaders who changed the course of their pupils' lives. These characters, among others, just happen to be featured across a variety of merchandise that’s both thoughtful and practical and makes a great gift for that teacher you have in mind.
  • Guests can find all of their favorite offerings now on shopDisney. Links to individual items can be found below.


Yoda’s patience and guidance helped Luke Skywalker become a truly remarkable Jedi Knight. Do you have a figure in your life that you misunderstood at first but it turned out they were extremely wise? Honor your “Jedi Master” with thoughtful gifts such as a fun picture book, customizable mug, YODA Cufflinks, ''May the Force Be With You'' and ''There Is No Try'' tie clips or even a silk tie.

Joe Gardner

A jazz musician at heart and a passionate music teacher in reality, Joe Gardner held a deep love for unique songs and melodies that he hoped to impart to his students. Thank the Joe Gardner in your life with ''Heart and Soul'' Wall Art

for their studio, a coffee table Art of Soul Book or customizable Joe and 22 ''Soul Mates'' Mug and The Half Note Jazz Club Tote Bag.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Is your favorite teacher also a huge Disney fan? These cheery Mickey Mouse office supplies will brighten up their personal workspace and bring a little magic to their day. Speaking of magic, everyone could use the reminder from this book that says, The Magic Is in You! Bring some charm to the wall with ''Do the Impossible'' framed picture or Wood Plank Art.

Bring the color and whimsy to the desk with Minnie Mouse Mouse Pad, Icon Pen Cup and Cell Phone Holder,

Note Pad Stationery Set, Icon File Organizer, Icon Padfolio Stationery Set, Clipboard and Notepad Set or the personalizable Memo Holder by Arribas

Chef Gusteau

Remy might not have had the chance to meet this favorite chef, but he did have plenty of imaginary conversations with the culinary master. It was Gusteau’s belief that anyone, no matter where they came from could cook, and Remy proved him right! This Ratatouille Journal showcases the legendary chef on the front and is the perfect place for your teacher to write down their most important thoughts.

Dumbo and Timothy Mouse

When Dumbo lost his magic feather he thought he couldn’t fly, but Timothy was quick to point out he didn’t need magic, the ability was already in him. Thank the person who helped you realize you could it all along with this Dumbo Framed picture.

Mary Poppins

Both Jane and Michael Banks and Michael’s three children had the pleasure of having Mary Poppins as a nanny. While her arrival was sudden and her stay too short, she transformed the lives of these children and helped them rediscover the importance of family. Need a gift idea for the wonderfully whimsical caregiver in your life? The ''Dream the Impossible'' Water Bottle will keep them hydrated, or for a different take, consider the Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw. For those moments they have to themselves, there’s Teacup and Saucer Set and lovely White or Black Watches featuring Mary.

Jiminy Cricket

Pinocchio would be lost without Jiminy who came through for the boy on more than one occasion. His most famous quote is “always let your conscience be your guide,” because he knows that when you listen to the little voice in your head you’re going to make the right decision. Need a gift for the person who’s led you down the right path? You can’t go wrong with the ''Jiminy Cricket'' Giclee or this charming Sketchbook Ornament starring the miniature mentor.

Bunsen and Beaker – The Muppets

We’re pretty sure your science teacher isn’t performing the same slightly dangerous experiments we see from Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his faithful assistant Beaker. But we can bet they are just as excited about science! Let them know you appreciate their dedication to academics with a ''Beaker'' Giclée on Canvas or the Bunsen and Beaker Pin Set.

Iron Man

Iron Man probably didn’t set out to be a mentor, but when he recruited Peter Parker to the Avengers, he found a sharp kid who was eager to prove himself. Sure Peter made plenty of mistakes, but Tony turned those into opportunities to shape the young hero and help him grow. Thank your favorite tech genius with the Iron Man vívofit jr. 3 Band, a customizable ''More than a Suit'' Tote, or the always fashionable Iron Man Silk Tie.

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who have been there to guide and encourage us through various challenges. We appreciate you and Happy Teachers’ Day!