Video/Photos: LEGO Ferrari Build & Race Opens Its Doors at LEGOLAND California

Today marked the grand opening of the brand new LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction at LEGOLAND California, near San Diego in Carlsbad, California. The red carpet was rolled out for the fun of launching the new interactive experience, and a full dedication ceremony took place.

The park’s new attraction was opened with plenty of fanfare and guest appearances as the new attraction got ready to open its doors and welcome park guests.

You can watch the full opening ceremony below:

LEGO bricks, wheels, tracks and a digital raceway are being put in place at a record pace as LEGOLAND California debuted its newest attraction, LEGO Ferrari Build & Race. Inspired by the world’s most recognizable luxury sports cars brand Ferrari, the new attraction features technology guests have never experienced at any other LEGOLAND theme park in the world.

Designed by Dimensional Innovations, a leader in creating immersive and engaging experiences, LEGO Ferrari Build & Race features cutting-edge digital racing technology. Through the use of aerodynamic image analysis, guests will be able to take their LEGO constructed race car, scan it and digitally race it in an effort to capture the fastest lap time. Once the vehicle is scanned, guests will be able to digitally customize and modify their LEGO car’s engine size, tire specs, power and aerodynamics, plus personalize their license plate and even add stickers.

The excitement doesn’t stop there as racers will have to adapt to the racecourse conditions as they change in real time and include such variables as weather, air temp, track temp, humidity and wind speed. Using a touch pad to control their cars and a boost button to add extra acceleration to pass competitors and speed through straightaways, racers will have three laps to set their fastest time. Families will also be able to join in the fun by viewing overhead monitors that will provide a bird’s eye view of the action. Leaderboards will be on display showcasing the status of current races and highlighting top performers of the day.

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race places guests in the driver’s seat as they use their creativity and imagination to build, test and race. Build & Race will be included in the price of admission to LEGOLAND California Resort.

LEGO Ferrari Build & Race is now open at LEGOLAND California! Take a look around in the video below!