New Mobile and PC Collectible Game Marvel Snap Coming Soon

Marvel has announced a new collectible card game for mobile and PC called Marvel Snap. The new game features all of your favorite characters and even variants of those characters from across the multiverse.

  • Marvel shared an animated teaser for the new game that sees characters like America Chavez and Riri Williams taking on Galactus.
  • The new collectible card game will allow Marvel fans to build a deck of 12 cards featuring their favorite characters.
  • The game also removes the need for waiting as players and their opponents will play simultaneously.
  • With the multiverse having a role to play in this game, players will be able to collect variant cards of their favorite characters, featuring artwork from various talented artists.
  • When the game launches, there will be more than 150 cards for players to collect, with new cards being added every month.
  • The game is free to play and players will not be required to pay anything to collect any of the cards in the game.
  • You can learn more about the game and see the teaser in the video below:

  • No specific date for the launch of the game has been given at this time, but you can sign up for the beta on