Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Song “Ready for the Ride” Now Available to Stream

"Ready for the Ride," one of the two theme songs from the Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary show, “Dream… and Shine Brighter!” is now available to stream on your favorite music platform.

What’s Happening:

  • During the show celebrating 30 years of Disneyland Paris, “Ready for the Ride” plays as the floats travel along Main Street U.S.A. As the floats come to a stop near the castle as the music transitions to the 30th anniversary theme “Un Monde Qui S'illumine.”
  • If you’re wondering why the parade has two different themes, show producer Astrid Gomez explained during a panel that, when the creative team solicited for songs, they enjoyed these two so much and couldn’t decide between them. The solution? Just go with both. Brilliant.
  • Additionally, guests may pick up on pieces of Disney tunes they don’t hear every day. Some examples include “The Unbirthday Song,” “Topsy Turvy,” “I’ve Got a Dream,” “Proud Corazón” and more.
  • You can listen to “Ready for the Ride” below:

  • “Un Monde Qui S'illumine” was previously released on streaming services:

  • Disneyland Paris also released the lyrics of "Ready for the Ride," which we’ve included below:


I know that it’s been on your mind

I’m ready let me get in line

We dream about it all the time, we know

The past is never far behind

And I been waiting all my life to finally make a wish upon a star

So what you waiting for, for

And if you want it bad enough just close your eyes and dream it’s never far

It’s standing right here there you are


Well we can dream a little bigger right now

If we open up our eyes


I’m ready for the ride

I’m ready to ignite just like the sun

The memories are all around

And I know we’ve only just begun

Prêt pour la balade

We’ll never forget how far we’ve come

The memories are all around

And I know we’ve only just begun

I’m ready for the ride


It’s a new beginning

Like a brand new place

Now the world is spinnin

Put that smile back on your face

Tinker bell, girl can’t you tell

My happy thought has come true

Everything I wanted is right here with you

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