Photos/Video: Progress Family Gets New Outfits in the Final Scene of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

In addition to the new narration on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, another classic Tomorrowland attraction has received an update today, that being Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

What’s Happening:

  • The final scene of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, which sees the family looking towards a semi-realistic 1990s version of the future has been slightly updated, giving the family new clothing.
  • This scene in particular has long been rumored to get some sort of update, as it is currently somewhat outdated. The new clothing seems to be a small step towards modernizing the attraction.
  • Grandfather sports a new hairstyle and a black cardigan.

  • Patricia, the daughter of the family, is now wearing a Progress Tech hoodie. The “School of Urban Planning” is a call-back to Progress City, Walt Disney’s original concept for EPCOT. She also gets a new hairstyle.

  • Both children of the Progress family are wearing fun slippers featuring the original reindeer characters that were used for many years in Christmas parades at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

  • Jimmy, the son, is wearing a pullover that features a logo reminiscent of one created for Walt Disney’s planned Mineral King ski lodge resort.

  • The patriarch of the family, John, is sporting new, darker hair, a red ugly Christmas sweater, and an apron that says “My Food Rocks!” That is likely a reference to Food Rocks, an extinct EPCOT show all about good nutrition.

  • Mother Sarah leaves behind her very ‘90s fashions for a new cardigan, scarf, hairstyle, and modern jeans.

  • Grandma sports a new sweater dress and cardigan with a more modern hairstyle.

  • Not to be left out, the family’s dog Rover has a new bow.

  • Check out the new outfits in action in our video of the last scene of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress:

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