Photos: New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Available at Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. Magic Kingdom’s Memento Mori in Walt Disney World has some new merchandise for fans of the classic Disney Parks attraction who would like to have a ghost follow them home.

  • Located adjacent to Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion, Memento Mori is the place to go for all things Haunted Mansion.
  • We stopped by the shop yesterday and found some new merchandise themed to the beloved attraction.

  • …Or it it your imagination, hmm? The famous stretching room gets some love in the form of this new t-shirt, which can be picked up for $36.99.

  • You can take Constance Hatchaway with you wherever you go with this lightweight, short sleeve hoodie for $39.99.

  • A ghost will certainly follow you home in this new hoodie, which is available for $64.99.

  • You can also find the perfect hitchhiking attire at Memento Mori, with this Hitchhiking Ghosts sleeveless shirt for $36.99.

  • Can’t pick your favorite line from the Haunted Mansion? Lucky for you, these shorts feature some of the most memorable, including “Call in the spirits” and “Beware of hitchhiking ghosts.” You can pick them up for $39.99.

  • Or you can keep things classic with the Haunted Mansion logo on these sweatpants for $49.99.

  • And finally, you can make Constance a part of your home decor with this $65 statue.
  • There have also been some changes to the shop itself. The cash registers have been moved to the former location of the photo opportunity.
  • Merchandise has now replaced the former location of the registers.

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