Disney+ Shares Unofficial Official Trailer for “Tron”

Disney+ shared on their YouTube page the Unofficial Official Trailer for Tron.

What's Happening:

  • Check out the Unofficial Official Trailer for Tron that Disney+ shared on their YouTube page.
  • A brilliant video game maker hacks the mainframe of his former employer. But, when the program fights back, he's beamed into the game and must win if he wants to make it out alive. Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tron streaming on Disney+.

Unofficial Official Meaning:

  • If you are confused about what Unofficial Official Trailer means, it is a series of videos on the Disney+ YouTube channel which present trailers for classic Disney films as if they were current releases, with a more serious tone.
  • These trailers feature dramatic music and editing with the current Walt Disney Pictures logo.

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